Manifestation d’indifférence – 2012 / EN

Show of Indifference

Nancy, France, January and May 2012 and in Belfort (France) on 7 April 2018 as part of the exhibition Ce qui nous tient, ce à quoi nous tenons(“What holds us, what we hold on to”) at Le Granit theater, curated by Mickaël Roy.

A lethargic procession—without demands, ideals or denunciations—constituting a critique of our current urban surroundings, which are based on flux. The demonstration positions itself against the mass standardization of behavior by caricaturizing that very behavior, its rationalization and its neutral nature. This parade of indifference blends into the day-to-day bustle of the street, but remains distinct through its rigor: participants walk at a fixed distance from one another (two meters apart) and maintain neutral facial expressions.